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Which restaurant dinnerware is a difficult decision. The restaurant is not your home where you can serve any kind of cuisine on the familiar white plate. It’s more than that. It’s about creating ambiance with a perfect match with menus you’re serving. Are you planning to serve that yummilicious “Spiced Carrot Salad with Watercress, Blood Orange, Avocado and Lemon Yogurt and Sunflower Seeds” dish on a plain pale white plate? We think you won’t! Won’t go better with the sleek black slate plate? We are sure, you won’t hate the idea!

It’s a very simple and clear idea. Black is a color which reflects the bright colors if kept on it. So, if you want your colorfully bright dishes to pop up, if you wish to bring the touch of white back into your palette, or if you simply desire to add the modern yet effortlessly natural touch to the dishes, then there’s no better option than Slateplate in the world for you. Slateplate (SP) is a firm providing black slate items including dinnerwares at affordable prices as well as at the best quality. They use black slate of North America which is famous for being consistent and uniform black slate. It is true that not everything would go with these deep and lustrous black plates, but, yes, most of the things do.

Slate plates just not only provide the appealing artistic enhancement but also add many benefits to your establishment. Unlike many other eclectic dinnerware offerings, they are easy to clean and most importantly, safe for commercial dishwasher. It’s boon to all – customer, dishwasher and you! And luckily, if they go good with the tableware, that’s a cherry on the cake.

Slateplate doesn’t claim to be the best in the market but yes, they ensure to be serving you to the best with their high-quality restaurant plates having clear acrylic feet which protects the surfaces of the tables and other surfaces and raise them up, so, your waiters can easily transfer from one place to another place. Others generally make cork feet which are clearly not dishwasher safe. Now, the choice is all yours.


Under extreme pressure and heat, the slate is formed from the sedimentary rocks such as shale, clay or ash. Then, the slate is made by crushing which is followed by melting of softer rocks together giving a super-strong slate. And that makes your dinnerware, sounds interesting! Isn’t it? That’s why Slate plates are highly durable which essentially have the same material properties as ceramic plates do have. Overall, it doesn’t break so easily because it’s rock. The packaging done by Slateplate makes it all the better chances to purchase.

What can be better than the fact that you would get discounts on wholesale purchasing and customized plates with your logo imprinted (by laser etch) on it! It makes dinnerware all the way sassier. Slateplate does it all for some little extra charges on bulk purchasing.

Aren’t you convinced yet? Then, go and check Slateplate right away!

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