The Real Deal with Furry Fandom


Fandom is a way a community is able to express their love and admiration to a certain media and art. Most fandom are generally well received by the public however, such is not the case with regards to furries. Let us look at what’s the real deal with the furry fandom and why are they often viewed negatively in popular media.


What is a Furry?

Furries are a fan or anthropomorphic animals often identified as animals with human traits. You will not be finding any shortage of such animals with famous examples such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and the most recent Disney/Pixar movie Zootopia which features a plethora of characters that walk and talk like humans. Some people have outgrown their interest while others retain the love of the fandom regardless of their age.


Common Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions with furries is that they are people who love to wear costumes or suit. The fursuit for instance, is a mascot style suit that resembles an anthropomorphic animal character which can be worn fully by a person. The media often portrays them as vibrant, eye catching and unusual. Based on definition, these give a visual representation of what a furry ought to look like which many believe.

This information however, is not entirely correct. In fact, less than 20% of the fandom actually owns a fursuit. Even if they do wear one, it is usually reserved for fan gatherings or conventions where they meet fellow fans and not on a day to day life. Other furries express their love and interest of the fandom not by wearing fursuit but instead by viewing, commissioning, or perhaps creating furry theme artwork, stories, games and even music, some just wear plain tails like Loveplugs.


Another false representation with furries is that they are people with a weird fetish. Again, this information is absurd but not completely unfounded. For instance, the term “sex sells” is popular saying where a number of companies often integrate sex with their sport, games, or movies. Good examples of these are the attractive looking cheerleaders, sexy lead protagonists and alluring models also found today.

With that being said, we can’t assume all sports fans, video game fans or movie fans to have a sexual fetish when viewing their hobby as this is unjustifiable. The same can also be said with regards to the furry fandom especially since not all of the community is based around them.

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