Personalized Christmas Gifts: Ideas for a Unique Present at Xmas

Personalized Christmas Gifts: Ideas for a Unique Present at Xmas

Choosing the right Christmas gift isn’t always easy. If you’re searching for a unique present idea, then why not consider personalized Christmas gifts? These show that some thought has gone into the selection process and may give extra pleasure to the recipient. What makes a good personalized gift?

Adding Names and Messages to Personalized Christmas Gifts

One of the most popular ways of personalizing gifts is to add a name and/or message. Messages or names can be added with embroidery, printing or engraving on to many different types of items to suit all budgets. Popular ideas include:

●        Bookmarks, key-rings and jewelry.

●        Calendars and books.

●        Christmas stockings and ornaments.

●        Clothing and accessories.

●        Doormats and household products.

●        Glassware, mugs and ceramics.

●        Photo frames, albums and framed poems.

Some stores offer some form of personalization when you buy items, although you may find that you are given more choice online. Websites that specialize in this kind of gift are also a good starting point for ideas and some may personalize items free which can help keep costs low.

Personalized Photo Gifts Make Unique Christmas Presents

In recent years, it’s become easier to add photo personalization to gifts. Many people will have come across mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and calendars that use photos to add a unique twist. But, there are now many different ways to use this kind of customization. For example, you could also consider creating photo-decorated:

●        Afghans, blankets and quilts.

●        Art canvases and oil paintings.

●        Bags, handbags and tote bags.

●        Ceramics and ornaments.

●        Christmas ornaments, gift tags and envelope seals.

●        Gift tins and cookie jars.

●        Jigsaws.

This option can work really well with grandparents and parents who may appreciate a gift that gives them a permanent visual reminder of the kids. You can use photos to make personalized gifts online with many specialty stores allowing you to upload your image(s) which are then added to the items you have chosen. Walgreens also offer this kind of service online and in stores.

Homemade and Handmade Gifts Can be Used as Personalized Gifts

You don’t need to pay to add personalization to a gift to make it special. Making homemade gifts may save some money and is also a great way of giving something unique. Getting the kids involved in making a photo frame for their grandparents, for example, or in baking Christmas cookies to give to family and friends in hand-decorated boxes are ideas worth considering.

Keep in mind that you can also use existing skills to make your own personalized Christmas gifts. You could, for example, buy paint your own pottery kits and create a customized mug or plate. Or, you could make handmade presents if you have knitting, crochet, sewing or woodworking skills. This could also help to keep your Xmas spending budget under control.

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