How Much Should You Spend for a Photo Booth


The last two centuries produced extraordinary ideas centered around making living more convenient, and along the rise of the age of technology came innovative ideas in utilizing its products. This breakthrough has opened so many doors for the knack of the human mind – some positive, some destructive – that has, nevertheless, resulted to something unprecedented. The invention of cameras, computers, laptops, the Internet, and social media paved way for efficient and practical means of making money. But as the length of time since their invention moves along, so does the dynamism towards the use of these products. People’s criteria for creativity have to evolve in the same, even faster pace as technology, because one important lesson this point of the age of technology has unflinchingly taught us is if we do not adjust our creativity to the speed of technological growth, we turn ineffective.


One great example is the invention of the camera. In their early years, cameras have solely been used for the purpose of the owner capturing images. As it stayed in the market, continued to remain a fad, and was slowly being developed, people learned how to use it in other creative ways. Those who owned one started to use it for profit. Camera owners took portraits of other people, events, and places and asked for payment in return. This was prevalent as the years distanced. Then, in the middle of the 1920s – a turning point for photography – Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho built the first curtain-enclosed photo booth in New York City. The first booth took, developed, and printed 8 photos for 25 cents in a process taking roughly 10 minutes. Just six months since it became commercially available, it was already used by 280,000 people.


Photo booths were a huge craze from then on – then came smart phones. Smart phones made photography very accessible and experimental. People love how they could be ingenious in a simple click. Because of this, photo booths were overrun. However, photo booths remain ready for commercial use, but their value is being impeded from rising with the height of the smart phones and freelance photographers who offer a much more considerable price for their service. Given the current value of photo booths, one should not spend more than 3,000php for its rental (See Photo booth rental raleigh nc). This truth must serve as a challenge to photo booth businesses to keep up with the ever-drastic growth and dynamism of technology, or else they’d falter.

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