About Author

Hi, I am Marci R Cummings, a freelance journalist who travels a lot and write topics that are making headlines in various media outlets. I have traveled to many countries to gather stories because what I believe is, if you want any information that is vital, instead of relying on a third party, you yourself should seek the truth so that your judgment isn’t hindered by any object.

I started to write since I was in school and then became editor. That was the start. Later, I also started to write about press releases and product promotions which build up a substantial network for me to work with. It’s amazing how one set of field helps you in coming to the other. Since then, I haven’t return back and wrote more and more of which, most are published and critically acclaimed by readers.

With my pen, I believe I can change the society to a positive direction however small it may be. Be it a story about war torn area in Africa or promoting a medical equipment that’ll be helpful for people, I’ll write and write more so that, somehow it goes through the people and make them think with giving hope that, the world is still a better place to live in and until you have hope, till your last breadth, you can fight.

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